Weekly Club Draws

Free Members Draws held every Monday and Friday nights not before 6:30 pm and not before 7:00 pm.
The members free draw pool commences at $100.
The member whose membership number is called must be on the premises when it is called and has 2 minutes to present their membership card to the draw convener.  If the draw is not struck it jackpots by $100.
Each pool will jackpot for a maximum of ten weeks.
If at the end of the ten week period the draw has not been struck, a second draw will commence at $100 and jackpot for ten weeks.
The original Monday pool of $1000 will be drawn at approximately 7 pm on Monday evenings and the original Friday pool of $1000 will be drawn at 7:00 pm on Fridays.
If either pool is not struck when there are two pools, a third pool will commence at 6:30 pm at $100 and there will be two draws of $1,000.  One of which shall be at not before 7:00 pm and the other not before 7:30 pm